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Rio (in honor)

*We raised Rio out of our Joy by Mr. Bubba Dees' Duke. He is a wonderful boy and at 26 months old, he weighs 60 lbs and is 24" at shoulder. His temperament and personality are excellent. Rio is a larger boned dog. Rio was born April 9th, 2011. We look forward to watching Rio fill out completely in the next year. He loves to alert to strangers and knows how to sit and "give paw". He is a very biddable dog, smart, loving, alertive, understanding, with a natural herding drive. His full registered name is Wilson's Rio De Janero, and we call him Rio. He is registered through ESCR. His dam is Wilson's Green Mountain Joy and sire is John Wayne 'The Duke.'


** 04/09/11- 06/03/14 WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS RIO <3 **


   Joy ^  Duke ^


Rio ^ 



^ Rio


  ^ Rio at 4 months ^ 

Rio (above and below) at 5 1/2 months old

~weighs approx. 40 lbs and is around 18" at the shoulder





  Rio (@ almost 9 months) ^ 50 lbs and 22" at the shoulder ^

^ Rio above at 9 months old. He sure is growing into a beauty! ^ 

(Rio pictured above ^ @ 11 months of age)

 ^ Rio now weighs around 65-70 lbs and is still growing, he will continue to grow for atleast 6 more months, probably reaching around 70-75 lbs and 24" at the shoulder full grown. He is a wonderful boy inside and out with a heart of gold! ^



                      (Rio at 1 year) ^


                                                                       (Rio pictured above at 1 year of age) ^  

^ Rio at almost 14 months of age


Rio at almost 14 months >  

  <Rio @ 14 months (67 lbs and 23" at shoulder)

  < ^ Rio pictured at 21 months 

 ^ Pictured above are copies of Rio's PennHip x-rays. These are examples of "excellent" hips, very tight, and nicely shaped joints. He received official PennHip scores of: .26/.20- better than 95% of the breed! ^ 

   < Rio at 22 months winter 2012





^ Rio at 3 years, spring 2014- You will always be remembered! <3 ^ 


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