Green Mountain English Shepherds


"Savannah's Acrylic Artwork & Paracord Pieces"

Paracord- my Facebook paracord album.

 * I do handmade paracord collars, leashes, keychains, bracelets, lanyards, martingale collars, etc custom made. Prices vary by item. Feel free to send me any questions regarding my paracord items or to place and order at [email protected] or on Facebook. Examples below:







I can paint any type of dog (have done English Shepherds so far, but currently working on another breed) and any type of horse. Portrait style (like these below) turn out the best, vs full body. Prices vary by size and sizes are listed below:

* X-Small = 4x6 ($30)

* Small = 5x7 ($50 avg.)

* Medium = 8x10 ($60-75 avg.)

* Large = 9x12 ($80-100 avg)

* X-Large = 11x14  ($110-130 avg.)



**Here are some samples of my work; on occasion I will offer some of my personal projects for sale:

  < (Painting of "Rio" done by me!)

-  done in acrylic paint on a 5x7 panel

- this is a sample- Is NOT for sale- I can do more of Rio if requested and can offer some for sale 


  "Color by Wind"

- Done in acrylic paint on am 8x10 panel

- this is a sample - Is NOT for sale - I can do more similar to these by request 


  "Party Favor" 

- Done in acrylic paint on 14x18 canvas

- This one is available FOR SALE = $125 


"Patriotic Breeze"

- Done in acrylic paint on 8x10 canvas

- This one is a sample - it is NOT for sale- can do more like this upon request 



^ (Painting of "Kenzie" - courtesy of Joann Goltermann- who is a daughter of Chelsea/Checkers '02)

- Done in acrylic on 8x10 canvas

- This is a commission project where the proceeds went to support NESR- Thank you Joann!!



(Painting of "Piper" - courtesy of Linda Gatchell - ^ Piper was bred by Amy Dorsch and lives in OH.)

- Done in acrylic on 8x10 canvas

- This was a commission project. 

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